In 2009, Karima Slassi launched Mademoiselle Slassi : a brand of high end hats and head accessories, designed and artisanally handcrafted in Paris.

Classy and sassy, Mademoiselle Slassi mixes timeless and retro hat shapes with contemporary materials, details and colors, to bring stylish modern headwear that reflect poetrie elegance and originality.

Mademoiselle Slassi hats collections are distributed in boutiques around the world and are also unique pieces that are custom made.

The story of Mademoiselle Slassi starts with a life change. Until 2008, Karima Slassi was an information technology international project manager; she then decides to realise an old dream: making hats !

Once her millinery diploma in hands, Karima launches her brand and develops her activity by designing custom made hats for international private clients. They are quickly seduced by her talent blended with virtuosity to her passion, know-how, listing skills, elegance and creativity; they are also drawn by the magic of the little detail that makes all the difference wich is what distinguishes Mademoiselle Slassi hats.

But Karima Slassi wishes that hats would be worn again every day, winter and summer, by men and women. That is why she presents her first collection in 2010 to boutiques during her first professionnal fashion tradeshow. Succes comes immediately.

Today, Mademoiselle Slassi pursue her development and presents 4 collections per year: a ready to wear hats collection and a cocktails & wedding hats collection, for summer and for winter. In parallel, Karima Slassi works for ready-to-wear brands who want to integrate hats to their own collections.

Hats are not just the ultimate touch of elegance of an outfit. It’s the perfect accessory to express the multiple sides of a personnality : someone will wear a netting veil to suggest the femme fatale within ; someone else wil wear a hat in the style of Indiana Jones to show her adventurer mind. This one will choose a bright color hat to tell his joie de vivre ; while the other will proudly adornhis head with a top hat to become the dandy within.

Someone will wear a large floppy hat to express his artistic side ; the other will put on a delicious retro cloche hat to travel in the time. The hat is a symbolic accessory that brings back history, mythes, fantasies ; it’s an open door to our imagination and conveys dreams.

Since 2009 Karima Slassi participates actively to the return of this accessory that most believed it belonged to the past and to the cinema. She describes herself as « a milliner of the 21st century » but if she likes to hear that her hats have a retro flair, she prefers to hear that they are definitely contemporary hats.

It is this mixture of nostalgia and modernity attracts attention, lends to dream and creates the desire to wear Mademoiselle Slassi hats and to appropriate them.

Mademoiselle Slassi hats can be plain or extravagant, classy or sassy. Each design fits the beauty and the personnality of the wearer allowing him to tell his own stories. Because these hats are here to showcase the wearer and not the reverse. Neither the brand nor its logo is actually apparent on Mademoiselle Slasi hats.

The rich color palette and the infinity of details in the trimings provide an exquisite « twist » to these elegant hats that can be worn either with a casual outfit or an exceptionnal one. Hence the slogan of the brand :  « Hats to be special every day ; hats for a very special day »