Mademoiselle Slassi has been interviewed by Les Assorties, an intellignet and stylish fashion blog edited  under the sun of Greece. To discover the interview, it’s here !

les assorties

When Mademoiselle Slassi, milliner, meets Lucie Monin, gilder, the desire to create together is immediate.

The resultof their collaboration is a beautiful collection of fedora in various colors with a choice of luxurious leather belts to adorn the hats, designed by Karima and gilted with gracious curls by Lucie. And the last but not the least, the initials of the wearer can be engraved too in gold.

Mademoiselle Slassi x Lucie Monin Paris SMALL

While Valentine Day is getting so close, Mademoiselle Slassi is featured in the Glamour magazine of March 2015, “special fashion” edition. It is in an article in the Glam pages about fedora hats that my fedora “La vie en rose” is showcased.

Pink then, good timing !

glamour mars 2015 special mode


glamour mars 2015 special mode COVER

For a good start in 2015, this is a very nice press release in the very chic magazine Côté Paris N°36 for Decembre 2014-January 2015 !

It’s an article on 3 full pages, titled “Chapeliers, nouvelle vague” (Hat makers, nouvelle vague) in the Coté Paris Parisiens section, under Repérages : 6 portraits of Parisians hat makers,  including Mademoiselle Slassi, selected because of the renewal they bring to this craft and for their very different styles.

Journalist : Amandine Chira/ Photos : Nathalie Baetens.

cote paris dec2014 parution

Wishing you a year full of creativity, joy and optimism !

For Mademoiselle Slassi, 2015 starts with a new website and eshop. Thank you for your visit and please come back often to see what is going all year long.

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