Custom Made

For Mademoiselle Slassi, designing a custom made hat is not just about making a hat in a different sizes or in a different color for the material or the ribbon.

A Mademoiselle Slassi custom made hat can start from customizing and adapting an existing style from the collection in order to meet the desires and needs of the customers; but it is more often a unique piece inspired by a customer. The process starts with a very personnal dialogue between Mademoiselle Slassi and the future wearer.

Do not hesitate to contact Mademoiselle Slassi via the contact form if you want something that is not in the eShop. Mademoiselle Slassi will be happy and honored to get back to you and to create the hat of your dreams!


Mademoiselle Slassi SUR MESURE Chapeau BESPOKE Hat P1090195 c



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